Yoga Exploration: Brahmacharya

by Katie Bock


Exploring yoga was always a passion of mine, diving deeper into what yoga really is.  And to share it with all of you is just as awesome to me as learning about it myself.  When I came to this next Yama (Read Here for more on Yamas)  I was a little unsure how to interpret it.  Brahmacharya which means NonExcess, continence, chastity.  Three different interpretations meaning different things yet basically coming together at the point of moderation.  So for today I have concluded Brahmacharya means live in moderation.

Patanjali wrote Brahmacarya pratisthayam viryalabhah.  Sri Swami Satchidananda translation is By one established in continence, vigor is gained.

Ever ate too much and felt so full you didn’t want to move?  Out shopping and thought oh I need one more pair of yoga pants, yet you get home with nowhere to put them?  That would all be excess.  While we live in a society where moderation is often difficult to grasp, it is often the simple things in life that make us the happiest.  When you think about it… what makes you happier enjoying time with a loved one or buying another pair of yoga pants?  Achieving that goal or eating so much you can’t move?

When we look at life through a different lens of what is most important, moderation doesn’t seem so distant.  Living in moderation allows us to gain energy and maintain energy.  You are full of energy and power, however it is not an endless source.  When we use our energy in excess there is none left for our important tasks or fulfillment.

Using energy wisely can allow us to access resources and create fulfillment and success.  The huge plate of food, that new pair of yoga pants do not fulfill needs and wants at least not for a long period of time.  We have that power within to create that fulfillment.  Leave indulgences to the side and see the beauty in moderation and enjoying the simple things.  With that you will find fulfillment and the freedom to appreciate all things, moments, experiences.

Practice Brahmacharya and live fulfilled and free!

Want to dive deeper?  Check out Debra Adele’s book The Yamas & Niyamas


Katie B