Yoga Exploration: Ishvara Prandhana

by Katie Bock

Ishvara Prandhana is the last of the Niyamas (Read more about Niyamas Here).  It means to surrender.  And to surrender grants us the freedom and bliss we dream of.  Ishvara Prandhana is by far one of the hardest things to do.  And yet it has the greatest gift that comes with it…

Patanjali wrote Samadhisiddhir isvarapranidhanat.  Sri Swami Satchidananda translates this to “By total surrender to God, Samadhi is attained. “

This does not mean necessarily surrendering to one’s chosen God, instead surrender to life itself.  Constricting and fighting against life only brings stress and suffering.  For what has happened has happened, it cannot be changed.  So why fight that?  Embracing and expanding each moment allows for total surrender to life.

Life is an ever changing journey.  Unaware of what will come our way.  No matter how hard we fight or how much we try to control what happens next, life happens.  We have no control so let it go.  Let go of the fight, let go of the need to control and surrender.  Allow freedom and bliss to enter your life.

You can be still and stuck in a frozen river or chose to flow freely down the river moving around as obstacles pop up. 

Try this exercise in surrender.  Lay down in Savasana, on your back…arms out at 45 degree angle…eyes closed.  This pose is called surrender.  Letting go, focus on your breathe…Every inhale and exhale.  After five minutes open your eyes and sit up.  How do you feel after you have surrendered?  Free, open, at ease…

Choose to Surrender to life, creating freedom and bliss for yourself…

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Katie Bell


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