Yoga Exploration: Santosha

by Katie Bock


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Yoga has taught me many life lessons.  And many curiosities have become clear.  One of those curiosities was contentment.   Santosha means contentment.  Being content in life can be simple at times and difficult at others.  In the end being content with all aspects in life is a key to joy.

Patanjali wrote Samtosadanuttamah sukhalabhah.  Sri Swami Satchidananda translates this to By contentment, supreme joy is gained.

Life is a whirlwind of events and thoughts that pass by every day and every moment.  We expect so much from ourselves that we often forget to notice all we have accomplished.  Being content with where you are in life allows you to acknowledge what you have.  A key to contentment is gratitude.  Being grateful for what you have brings great joy.

Being content in life does not mean you can’t strive for more.  Have dreams, set goals…just remember you already have many things to be grateful for.  There are moments of boredom, yet you can be content in that because maybe you needed that to clear your mind.  The rhyme or reason may not be clear and often that is what we want a clear reason.  Life is not clear, Life is foggy and stormy yet it is full of rainbows and sun.  Find contentment in each moment to bring true joy to your life.

Be content in life, so you can live free and fulfilled!

Want to explore Santosha further?  Check out Debra Adele’s book Yamas & Niyamas.


Katie B


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