Yoga Exploration: Satya

by Katie Bock

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Our second Yama is Satya or truthfulness.   And what a powerful thing to think about.  Truth or Truthfulness is often scary and yet holds so much power.

I had a family member pass away and as I listened to his daughter speak about him and how the one rule they had in their family was to tell the truth, I was blown away.  She also said that there can be no disappointment when you tell the truth.  The words were so powerful and profound.  And yet so simple.

Whether truthfulness means telling the truth or living in your truth, we might often feel fearful.  The truth has the capacity to reveal a different light, a different world.  Living in truth gives us the power to be real.  The power to truly be ourselves, something many of us long for and are not sure how to get there.

Patanjali wrote Satya Pratisthayam kriyaphalasrayatvam.  Sri Swami Satchidananda translation “To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient.  The truth permits us to let go of what holds us back, the worry of what others think or will do.

Lies and stories are illusions that take us away from the present moment.  They keep us from our truth.  Living in our truth brings light to our lives and helps us remain presenting in the moment.

To live in our truth we must let go of being “nice”.  Nice is our thoughts of what we should be not who we are.  Be you!  There is a truth that is rooted in you, allow yourself to live that truth.  When you allow yourself to live that truth, you will begin to feel a shift in your life.

I encourage you to explore Satya further in Debra Adele’s Book Yamas & Niyamas  and Live your Truth!


Katie Bock