Yoga for Core Strength Part 2

by Katie Bock

Yoga is truly a practice that changes your entire body and when you are consist, it does not take long to see or feel the difference.  Practicing a power flow allowed me to get my body back to a pre-baby body and I was not working any particular muscles just flowing.  Yoga has much to do with Core strength.  Many poses strengthen your core all around, front and back.  And it doesn’t always feel so intense, I’m not a fan of only doing crunches or sit ups.  I like to work out every muscle because all of our muscles work together in each moment so why strengthen one at a time…

Yoga for Core Strength Part 2 dives into a full core strengthen.  Part 1 warms you up and lengthens out your muscles.  Part 2 goes a bit deeper and will build up the core.  Continuing to use every muscle and grow that core strength. 

I have gone pose by pose below explaining why these poses strengthen the core.  Also there is a Video of Part 1 and Part 2 Yoga for Core Strength Below..Enjoy!

Poses in Part 2

Boat– Here you activate many muscles.  Another pose that requires the use of the entire body.  The muscles of your core are contracting to hold you in place.  The core muscles of your back are lifting and slightly arching the back.  Those front core muscles are pulling your chest down towards the pubic bone and bending the trunk. 

Downward Dog– This pose works much of your arms, legs and pelvis.  It also plays a major role in your core.  The abdominals contract to draw internal organs inward, thus building those core muscles.  The erectors in your back are working to create a slight arch and the quadratus lumborum with the psoas arch the lumber spine.  Downward Dog is key to beginning your practice and coming into your breath, which allows you to flow through a yoga practice. 

Knee to Elbow– Lifting your leg with lengthen out the side core muscles and then contract them when pulling your knee toward your elbow.  This will give you a similar sensation as a sit up or crunch with an added challenge.  This will also work both front and back core muscles as you push forward and pull back with the leg. 

High Plank– We have all heard about Planks and seen the plank challenges…Planks are for sure a full body Strengthener.  You really have to use your core muscles here, squeeze them together to hold your body up.  While this is a major arm workout, you use much of your core too. 

Side Plank or Sage Pose– This is building on those core muscles.  The Erectors a stabilizing your spine and the rectus abdominis works hard to maintain balance.  The arm forward gives you length and an added challenge. 

Ending in downward dog gives your body that last lengthening and stretch.  You can move to child’s pose from here to reconnect and have a few minutes to deepen your breathe.   

Yoga for Core Strength Video

Be sure to Share the Core Strength with friends!  Build Together and Support Each Other!  Getting Healthy is funner as a Team…


Katie Bell

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