Yoga is the best way to Build Your Core

by Katie Bock

Core Strength is one thing that will forever be important.  Not only is our core, our abs, it is what hold us up right.  I know me personally I want to be able to stand up right as long as possible…how about you?  I thought so…

As we get older our strength fades away unless we keep using it and building on it.  When strengthening your core you want to remember to not simply focus on abs because that is only working one side.  Our Bodies are 360 all the way around.  And each part of the body works together.  If we only work our abs we will have strong abs and a weak back that does not sound fun to me!  Have you ever seen those infomercials for ab workouts and the people have an arch or rounded back?  That’s because only tighten the abs pulls you down.  Wouldn’t you rather have a strong core all around, supporting your every move?

Everything in life requires a balance, which is why I love yoga.  It allows me to work my entire body while strengthen my core…

Why I choose Yoga to Strengthen my Core

  • Yoga allows me to build core strength while working out other muscles too
  • It’s a 360 workout abs and back together…a full Core Strength Builder
  • I am Strengthening and Stretching
  • I can flow through a workout
  • It can be tougher when I need it to be
  • I am not only working on body, I am working on mind and spirit too
  • I can Breathe better
  • I am energized for the day even if I only did a 5 minute Sequence

I put together a sequence for you to strengthen your core it is broken up into Yoga for Core Strength Part 1 and Yoga for Core Strength Part 2.  And one video combining the two together. 

You can find each through the links below

I could truly see the difference in my body when I begin a yoga practice and I only wish to share this wonderful journey with you!  So get on your Mat and Get Moving!


Katie Bell


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