You Can Always Choose Again

by Katie Bock

You Can Always Choose Again

Do you ever struggle with making a choice?  Do you ever have thoughts that just create chaos in your mind? When it comes to making choices we sometimes feel stress, pressure or the weight of the world because we forget we can always choose again.

The power of choice is strong. You can always choose and you can choose as many times as you want the only person stopping you is you. It’s often a struggle to make a choice to choose because we want to choose right and we are afraid or fearful of making the wrong choice. But you know what…you can always choose again. There’s no one time to choose as long as you are alive you have the power to choose again.

Do you have thoughts in your head self doubt or worry anxiety fear? You can turn those thoughts into a new thoughts or different thoughts by choosing again. I know personally I always struggle with the I’m not good enough thoughts. It is something I’ve struggled with my whole life so whenever those thoughts come in my head I choose a new thought. I choose to think I have a lot to offer the world, I am worthy instead of the I’m not good enough thoughts. And you can do the same!


I challenge you this week to choose and choose again. Use the mantra I choose whenever you find yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts and you need to shift those thoughts by choosing a new thought. When you have to make a choice allow yourself to make the choice trusting that you will make the choice that is best for you in the moment knowing that you can choose again and then choose again if you need to. Choose again as many times as you need this week. That is your challenge, to make a choice and choose again if you need to, even if it’s picking dinner make that choice.

Shareable Quotes

“Nobody is stopping you but you.”

-Katie Bock

“You can always make a different choice.”

– Katie Bock

“You always have the ability to choose again.”

– Katie Bock



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