I Trust My Intuition.

by Katie Bock

I Trust My Intuition.

I love this mantra! Your intuition is your inner wisdom. It speaks your heart’s true desires. Often in live we don’t listen to our intuition out of fear or judgment and that comes rom the ego. This mantra encourages you to trust when that inner wisdom speaks to you. And let me tell you its pretty amazing when you follow your intuition, beautiful things start to unfold in your life. I’ve experienced it! You can say this mantra at any time in the day, maybe you are looking for guidance or you just want to encourage yourself to trust the guidance when it comes. Whatever it is use the mantra to connect to your intuition and strengthen its voice.


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Mantras are powerful tools to transform your thoughts. Whenever you need, use them! I trust my intuition opens up your mind to listen to the gentle voice of your inner wisdom…


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