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The Mind Body Soul Healing You Need To Step into Authentic Alignment

On demand energy-infused
Yoga & Meditation Sessions to
Stress Less
Reset Your Mindset
Re-discover Your Power & Intuition
And allow more abundance into your life

Are You Suffering Because You Are Out of Alignment and Overwhelmed?

Feeling Stuck or Blocked in Life
Struggling to Trust Yourself & Your Choices
Mental Chaos with Little Inner Peace
Lack of Clarity or Vision
Feeling Heaviness or Stress
You are Uninspired, Unmotivated & Feeling Blah

If so, this membership is the fastest way to reset mind, body and soul, get into authentic alignment, connect to the flow of abundance and live your fearless, free and fulfilled life.

The Aligned Life Membership changed my relationship with yoga. Although I've been practicing for 20 years, until I met Katie and signed up, my practice was inconsistent and fractured. With the membership, I can easily make time for myself without needing to travel or find time away from my young children. The variety of themes and choices allows me to find what I need within each practice, and I always feel inspired and uplifted. It has been truly life changing and contributed greatly to my healing journey."
Erica Chaney

It is coming into a space of feeling good authentically. Getting in alignment with your authentic truth. It other words connecting to your true self and feeling good. Authentic alignment is truly amazing! It is that feeling of knowing who you are and allowing yourself to be who you are. When you come into authentic alignment you feel good, free and stress, fear, worry fade away.

It is the flow of abundance that is within you and around you. The universe is truly abundant, there is not lack. The mindset of lack is what creates so much chaos in life from stress to fear. As you tap into universal abundance you open up to the infinite amount of prosperity, joy, love, wealth that is out there for you!

It looks like less stress, worry, and self-doubt. You flow freely with confidence being yourself without judgement. You are in authentic alignment and connected to the flow of universal abundance. This brings that amazing feeling of fulfillment. Through the practices of yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness and so on this becomes possible.

Here’s how the Aligned Life Membership Can Change Your Life

I created the Aligned Life Membership to guide you created practices you can stick to – so you can calm and clear your mind, feeling connected, supported, empowered and inspired.  The key to living fearless, free and fulfilled, to manifesting a life you love is authentic soul alignment.  It is easy to say “when I get this I will feel better,”  the truth is nothing outside of you can make you anything, only you can.  When you in alignment you will attract what you want and more plus you will feel free.  The practice of yoga, meditation and energy healing have changed my life in this way and all I want is to guide you toward your fearless, free and fulfilled life.


Each month I deliver a live energy healing, live yoga sessions, live guided meditation, live yoga nidra and so much more.  Plus, everything is recorded for you to access at anytime from anywhere.

Guided Yoga & Meditation Sessions

The weekly yoga and meditation sessions tie into that month’s focus. Each session is energy-infused and great for all level practitioners.

Monthly Energy Activation

Each month I channel an energy activation meditation that sets the focus for the month. This is where I share mantras, journal prompts and more for the month. Plus, a discussion on whatever the focus of the month is. It will always be held on the 1st of the month.

Weekly Lessons & Coaching

Each week you will receive a lesson aligned with the monthly focus and coaching practices to embody the energy of the month's focus.

Live Sessions

Join me live each week for yoga sessions. Plus a mid-month Q&A, Card Reading & Tapping Session. Here you have the opportunity to talk with me, ask questions and receive guidance. *Last week of the month is integration week and there are no live classes. Integration week is a time for rest as you embody the energy of the past month and create space for next months focus.

Weekly Emails

It's the one thing in your inbox you won't just delete. Each email provides support and guidance as you embody the energy and focus of the month. You will receive words of wisdom, mantras and session recommendations in your inbox (Sun, Tues, Thurs) to support you as you create space for yourself and stay committed to your well-being.

All-Access Pass

The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library of content, 250+ sessions ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour. It’s like the Netflix for Mind, Body & Soul.

When you have a daily practice, that lifts you up and connects you back to your soul, alignment comes naturally and with ease.  You best life is not reserved for a weekend getaway or vacation; it is available for you every single day.  Through these daily practices you unblock yourself, start to release unhealthy patterns and discover empowerment, inspiration and abundance.  Your joy doesn’t depend on anything outside of you. 


The Aligned Life Membership makes it simple and enjoyable to live a soul aligned life – because it gives you the flexibility, structure and guidance you need to stay with the practices that work for you.  You are never on your own.  The moment you join, you become part of a community of like-minded people.

The aligned life membership has changed my life. I have been able to open myself to a new mindset and achieve a better way of life. Katie is an inspiration on my journey of self live and trusting myself. Through the membership I have been able to go inside of myself and find empowerment in my life and choices. I am more secure in myself and have opened my heart to abundance. I am so grateful to have this amazing tool on my self love journey. "
Samantha Graham

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Katie!  I’m an intuitive spiritual guide and mindset coach.  I combine yoga, meditation, energy work and mindset tools to help you release your blocks, step into your power and open up to live your best life.  I support women on the journey to clarity, self-love and living a fulfilled life. 

I believe in living FearlessFree and Fulfilled. My mission is to help you discover Authentic Alignment and connect to universal Abundance.

There was a time when I was living in fear, stressed and overwhelmed then one step at a time I transformed my mindset and now I have learned to live fearless and free. All the tools I have learned through personal experience and trainings in yoga, meditation, health/life coaching, chakras and massage therapy give me the expertise to create this space for you.

Perks of Membership

⭐️Monthly Energy Healing – Delivered LIVE of the 1st of the month

⭐️LIVE Yoga Session each week (Except the 4th week of the month)

⭐️Mid-Month Personal Card Readings & Tapping Session

⭐️Access to 250+ Yoga & Meditation session

⭐️Access to Aligned Life Exclusive Daily Resets to quickly reset mind, body and soul.

⭐️Monthly focus that is carried through each session (2022 is about Freedom)

⭐️Monthly Calendar Tracker that’s makes daily practice fun

⭐️Monthly Mantras

⭐️Weekly Email Support (Sunday,Tuesday,Thursday)

I'm here to support you

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to yoga and meditation or have practiced for years.

Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources in the Aligned Life Membership will help you release your blocks, discover clarity and inspire transformation in your life.

If you want a simple and enjoyable way to transform your life and connect to not only your soul but also the flow of abundance, the Aligned Life Membership is for you.

If you want clarity, ease, inner peace, support, connection and guidance the Aligned Life Membership is for you.

If you want to discover authentic alignment, tap into the flow of universal abundance and live your life fearless, free and fulfilled the Aligned Life Membership is for you.

Katie intuitively meets each student wherever they happen to be on any given day. She has a sensitivity, even using virtual learning during covid, to support each student in an individualized way. Every level student has the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves with her teaching skills. Having the combination of knowledge, compassion and mindfulness makes the experience of her classes magically healing."
Denise L.


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This gives you access to all content, yoga videos, meditation and workshops. The Monthly fee will be charged every 30 days. You can cancel at anytime.


$120/Three Months


This gives you access to all content, yoga videos, meditation and workshops. The seasonal fee will be charged every 3 months. You can cancel at anytime.




This gives you access to all content, yoga videos, meditation and workshops. The Annual fee will be charged once a year. You can cancel at anytime.

You Get Access!

As an aligned Life Member you will get access to

the 8-month Journey Through Your Chakras Program, 21-day Body Mind Soul Refresh & All Chakra Reset Week Replays.

Have More Questions?

The aligned life membership is an online subscription that makes it simple and enjoyable to stay committed to your yoga and meditation practice. Each month you get tons of content plus weekly uplifting emails from Katie. All content is designed to guide you towards a calm mind, clarity authentic alignment and living your best life.  There are live and recorded sessions plus you get exclusive discounts.

If you decide the aligned life membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within seven days of purchase to receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal or the private Facebook group.

After 7 days, if you decide the aligned life membership Isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription auto-renewal. Canceling the membership renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your monthly, seasonal or annual subscription ends. You will continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership through the last day of your subscription.

Everything is in the membership portal! You just log in and can access all the meditations yoga classes energy healings and more for the current month and previous months. You can access the membership portal from your computer tablet or smartphone.

Live classes are held through zoom and all zoom links can be found in the membership portal as well as weekly emails.

That’s entirely up to you!  You can access all of the content anytime you want.  If you are busy one week or month, don’t sweat it.  You can’t fall behind!  However, I encourage you to remember you were called to have this practice.  The great thing about the Aligned Life Membership is that is makes it super simple to stay on track and consistent with your practice.  You may even discover time expands!

Nothing!  Don’t worry about it, all the content will be there waiting for you!  You can go back to any session at anytime.  The Aligned Life Membership is flexibly structured, there are no rigid rules.  The Aligned Life Membership is for you.

Yes!  The Aligned Life Membership meets you where you are.  All you need is the desire to be here.  The Aligned Life Membership is a safe space to be wherever you are without judgment.

Absolutely!  The Aligned Life Membership will enhance your practice and help you stay consistent.  I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years and I find there is always room to learn and grow.  Life can also get busy and that makes it hard to stay committed to your practice.  The support and guidance in the Aligned Life Membership will guide you through those times.