One Thing That Will Lower Your Stress and Change Your Life

by Katie Bock

One Thing That Will Lower Your Stress

and Change Your Life

If you could do one thing and shift your how life experience would you do it?

Doing this one thing will lower your stress, help you with frustration, irritation and boost your overall health mind, body and soul. As crazy as it sounds one thing can do this. If nothing else this week take ten minutes to watch the video and start taking steps to use a lens of love in your life. A small step each day will help you help yourself and create a shift. It is so powerful and I know this because I have lived it! Now its your turn!


This week I challenge you to take a tiny step each day to bring more compassion into your life and look through that lens of love.

Shareable Quotes

“Compassion and a lens of love encourage you to release your judgements and free you to be yourself.”

-Katie Bock

“If compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”

– Buddha

“Compassion is not just about having a loving understanding for other people. Its about having compassion for yourself too. Its about taking care of yourself and loving yourself too.”

Katie Bock

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